Monday, April 23, 2018

Not SO HAPPY Monday!!!

Soooooo I started this week off with...
I was going 25 in a 15 mph school zone!!! He said he woulda given me one if i was going 16... I was like, WOOOOOOOW!!! See that's the difference between driving in GLENDALE AZ annnnnnd driving in SCOTTSDALE AZ, in Glendale, the police officers are after ACTUAL CRIMMINALS, in Scottsdale, the police have nothing else to do, THE ONLY CRIMMINALS ARE SPEEDERS!!! #Savethedriversbringmorecrimminalstoscottsdale #JUUUUUUUSTKIDDING!!! AHAHAHAA!!! 
Unfortunately, for some VERY ODD REASON, I'm NOT eligible to take the defensive driving course...I feel that's discrimitory to DRIVERS, that MAY not be as good of drivers as other drivers!!!  Hmmmmmfff!!!
On the bright side, He thought I had a good attitude tho, he EVEN thanked me for being SOOOOO COOPERATIVE, as he handed me my $350 ticket!!! (I smiled nicely and said your welcome, couldn't find it in myself to ACTUALLY thank him back tho!!!)
 C- for driving, BUUUUUUUT A+ for ATTITUDE!!!
I mean, i may break the law, 
you better believe I'm gonna be SWEET, while doing it!!!😆😇
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. It's in moments like this that I'm ACTUALLY thankful that I'm single...I mean, $350 stinks, buuuuuuut its ALL MY RESPONSIBILITY and affects NO ONE BUUUUUUUT ME!!! I'm like, OMW, if I had a husband he'd probably be SOOOOOO MAD AT ME FOR my second big ticket in less than a year...Soooo gotta look at the the benefits of singleness in these moments!!! LOL