Saturday, May 26, 2018

Changes on Classic Mary Moments...

With life being so busy and with focusing on writing a book, I no longer have time to update my blog DAILY. Yes, I'm WRITING my first book. I am soooooooooo excited about it, I think you all are going to LOVE IT!!! It's something I have wanted to do for years but never had specific and clear direction on how to do it.
At the beginning of the year I once again started feeling really strongly towards writing it and then combined with a message one of the men preached at our church about goals and dreams, I felt like it was time to really push forward with it. I began to really think and pray about it, I didn't even know WHERE to start, so I talked to a very ORGANIZED friend, Courtney Thaler, and she said, MAKE AN OUTLINE...I was like, WOW, I NEVERRRRR would have thought of that...BAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
Once I started on my outline, I used my informative speech outline from my public speaking text book for a guide line, and EVERYTHING just became and began to fall in to place. Then my book intro became clear and I think I OFFICIALLY started writing the book in February. I was waiting to talk with my pastor about it all before I announced it, buuuuuuuuuut, that's done now, soooooo I figure it's time I tell you all, I'M WRITING A BOOK!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!!! 
It will still be a WHILE before publication and you all being able to read it, buuuuut PART 1 is almost done. I will then send that out to my "team" and get there in put, on things that are clear, unclear, boring, things I need to add, take out, etc...and while their doing that, I'm going to start PART 2! The goal is to have Part 2 done by the end of the summer. (There's 5 parts, sooooo yeah, it's gonna be a WHILE. Then my plan is to hire someone to professionally edit the book...YES, I NOW I NEED's the whole book and cover design, publication and advertising process....buuuuut I've take the first steps AND I'M WRITING IT!!!
With that in mind, I want you all to know that Classic Mary Moments will NOT be forgotten. This is still my way of expressing my writing and challenging myself to weekly do that and not led the writing pen get dried out. HOWEVER, I don't like to be flaky and post a lot sometimes and then not at all for a while, consistency and quality over quantity is vital for success. I will be doing more concentrated and focused writing for you all 3 days a week. 

The new Classic Mary Moments Schedule will look like this:
Mondays: Devotionals- Something to start the week off right. 

Wednesdays: Humor- That middle of the week laugh or brain booster to push through to the weekend. 

Fridays: Life- updates, weight loss, announcements, events, trips, book or restaurant reviews, Financial WiseDUMB!
*Also, I am a very festive person so holiday greetings on HOLLA-DAYS!!! 
I would like to eventually do a monthly podcast as well because I also very much enjoy public speaking and want to start working on that more. I need HELP with figuring this out, soooooooo IF anyone out there knows how, feel free to HELP A SISTA OUT!!! 
I've also updated and changed around my ABOUT ME so go check that out, I feel like it's more accurate and organized. I've changed and added some new Page tabs but a lot of them aren't filled yet and will let you know more as they are.  
1. What do you think my book is about??? 
  -Do you think it's fiction or non-fiction?
  -If it's fiction, do you think it's a mystery, adventure or romance?
  -For teens, young adults, children or ANYONE???
I'll reveal MORE of the details SOON but for now I'm curious to know what you all think it would be about!!! Email me OR text IF you have my number!!!
2. I started a FAQ's tab where I am going to respond to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTOINS, if you have something your super curious about or just dying to know about me or know of a misconceived conception of me, hit me up with your question and I'll probably respond to on the FAQs page!
♥Mary Frances :)