Saturday, August 4, 2018

AMA 2018

A Mountain Apart Camp in Sacramento New Mexico....
Annnnnnnnnnnd now...
On our way to camp!!!
Following in the caravan...did I mention that they speed??? LOL 
The food at camp is SOOOOOO GOOD!!! Lunch the first day was PIZZA!!!
The campgrounds are GORGOUS!!!
First thing our group did was go HIKING...of course!!! Hee, hee!!!
I will say, I got myself a little over heated with what I chose to wear...the weather was so lovely I felt a sweater would be FIIIIIINE...this AZ girl just got a little to exuberant about fine weather!!! LOL

This was my favorite dessert they served, key lime pie...Idk WHY...buuuuuuut the last year or so I've LOOOOOOOOOOOVED lime!!!
My favorite quote of the week from the night speaker, Bro. Davis,
(No reference to the lovely woman in this pic;)
One woman told her pastor she was going to lay her tongue down on the alter, the pastor said, YOU CAN TRY, buuuuuuuuuuut I don't know if the alter is big enough!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd their cinnamon rolls....YUUUUUUUMMMM!!!!
Went horseback riding for THE 2nd time!!!
My beautiful horse's name was BLUSH!!! ❤😍
Another hike!!! 

These adorable lil kids, were singing to me and chanting my name!!!!!! 
Kids Choir!!!
Lil Miss TabZ!!! 
Jenny Smith...Now a married woman!!! 

Little Miss Adorbs Alina Velez!!! 
Ping Pong tournament!!! 
Me and Keri!!! 
Roller Skating!!!
Me and lil Miss Hanna!!!

Send off service the last night for the Fosters, heading off to start a church from the ground up in Alberquerque New Mexico!!!

Good byes!!! 
The beautiful campgrounds!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnd we're heading home!!! 
Of course NO way we could go home without a stop at the APPLE cider store!!!
Another Amazing year at AMA!!! God has been good to us all, if you haven't ever been, I highly recommend taking your family to this camp!!! There's such a sense of togetherness, there is SOOO MUCH TO DO, annnnnnnnnnd the presence of God is SOOOOOOOO STRONG!!!  Find out more about it HERE!!!
Next weekend I'll do a post on Heritage annnnnnd WHITE WATER RIVER RAFTING!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)