Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Brain-boosting-Wednesday!!! (The Italian defense edition)

Here's your middle-of-the-week brain booster!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo, 
As you guys may or may not remember, the end of May I did a post called, "When Your Best Friends With An Ethiopian" (Go ahead and refresh your memory if you can't remember;) In that post informed you all that I have a lovely lil bestie that likes to remind me from time to time, that us Italians invaded their country and TRIED to colonize the Ethiopians and that is WHY many Ethiopians know how to cook Italian food. Since that time, I made and AMAZING DISCOVERY....dunt, dunt, DA...
Sooooooo I'm talking to Hanna on the phone one evening and she tells me that her mom made Lasagna for dinner...I'm like, OH YOUR WELCOME...we taught your people well!!! Hee, hee!!! ;) I'm like, SOOOOOOOOOOO I have to ask you a question, when your mom makes her lasagna, does she use cottage cheese OR RICOTTA CHEESE??? Because you have to understand that putting COTTAGE cheese in  your lasagna instead of RICOTTA cheese is like literally THE BIGGEST NOOOOOO!!! I mean, my mom could have gone on for hours on how DISCUSTING and DISGRACFUL that was to the dish!!! LOL
If you don't know the difference between ricotta cheese and cottage cheese, I only have TWO things to say to you: 1. you are obviously NOT Italian and 2. go HERE to find out!!! hee, hee!!! (Pronounced RIGUTTA...Trust me, I spent my whole life with a mother correcting ME annnnnnnd EVERYONE ELSE, that said it wrong:) So she asks her mom and says, Oh my mom said, neither, she just did the layers with meat and sauce!
I was like, OMW HANNA, do you know what this means??? It means it wasn't MY ITALIANS!!! She's like, what? I'm like, wasn't us, it wasn't MY ITALIANS that tried to colonize you guys!!! I went on to explain, YOU JUST SAID, your mom doesn't use ricotta cheese in her lasagna, annnnnnnnnnd I was just reading the other day that there are certain parts of Italy that... 
"Did you know???..."
ACTUALLY don't really use ricotta cheese...
"...Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll NOW YOU DO, annnnnnnnnd don't you FORGET IT!!!" (AIO BTV quote;)
For realz people, the Southern Italians are not as fond of ricotta cheese as the rest of us Italians!Therefore, it must have been the SOUTHERN Italians to invade Ethiopia and try to overtake them!!! 
It wasnt MY couldn't have been...We LOOOOOOVE RICOTTA CHEESE!!! Seriously, my mom and I would just eat it by the spoonful..It wasnt MY ITALIANS...
♥Mary Frances :)