Friday, September 14, 2018


Soooooooooo we're OFFICIALLY going to West Coast Conference, ME, O, T and MJ!!! We're driving to Ontario, picking up Courtney and making her drive the rest of the way, then Hanna's going to come in like the last dayish or so!!! I'm soooooo EXCITED!!! We'll be missing Wednesday night buuuuut we'll be there the rest of the time!!! I haven't been to WCC since 2015...I was looking at pics...I feel like a different person since then....Soooooooo much has happened!!! I EVEN HAVE FAKE TEETH NOW...HEEEEEEEEEEYYY!!! 😉🙌
They put me in charge of reserving the room...I was like OMW, I'VE NEVERRRRR reserved a hotel room before, I feel, SOOOOOOO ADULTISH!!! somehow I managed to get us in at the main hotel, which is shocking since I heard in the summer time they were already filled! I just wasn't able to get the WCC rate, she said there were rooms available still with the WCC rate, buuuuuuuut that they were being locked in some how by the conference, she said I COULD speak with the people in charge of the conference to see if they would unlock the rooms. I was thinking, weeeeellll, it's NOT like I have any of them on speed dial on my phone to speak with them, soooooooo it's looking like FULL PRICE!!! LOL Unless anyone wants to help a sista out with unlocking...Much appreciated!!! hee, hee!!! 
Sooooo on my list of things to do is 1. TEAZERS I've literally thought about that place sooooo much since 2015...I'm going there EVERY AFTERNOON...possible more!!! 2. Tokyo Steakhouse, can't make it through WCC without going there, annnnnnnnd I THINK O will LOOOOOOVE IT!!! 3. Mexican Restaurant that Sis. Abbott always talks about...Not sure what it's called, buuuuuut gotta try it!!! 4. Sequoia National Park on the way home!!! And hopefully get in some hiking and epic pics with God's beautiful artwork!!! 
Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooo I'm still getting over the fact that in 2015, we ACTUALLY ditched going to a NATIONAL PARK to go to FRESNO ZOO!!! I'm sorry people, buuuuuuuuuuut we have AMAZING ZOOS here in AZ, annnnnnnnd guess what, I NEVERRRRRR EVEN GO TO THEM...not about to go to them in place of a National Park in another state!!! I just really enjoy nature and the out doors...okaaaaaay getting that disappointment outta my system and MOVING FORWARD!!! BAHAHAAAAA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)