Thursday, July 11, 2019

March update!!!

You know what make me happy, LATTE ART!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnd SPICEY FOOD!!! 
Made my sis split the jalepeno popper sandwhich annnnnnd she liked it too...see, I always have the best taste!!!

The Hello Kitty shop at Victoria Gardens shopping center in Ontario!!!

 Okaaaaaaay so these pics aren't really in order!!! Buuuuuut isn't that the cuuuuutest cookie everrrr???
 I don't remember ehat I'm even doing here!!!
 Either driving to Ontario or driving home!!!
 Hiking Etiwanda Falls!!! 

 This hike was a hiking dream come true...yes...I have dream hikes!!! LOL

 Aren't these boys just ADORABLE!!! 

She's gonna teach me how to do the scarf bun wrap on top of my head!!! I think it's sooooo pretty!!! 
Misha's birthday surprise, her parents came in for her birthday!!!

 Sunflowers on the side of the road I made my sis stop so I could take pictures with them!!!
 Odin's world of CALIFORNIA!!!

Martin interpreting for pastor!!!
Early morning hike!!!


An inside Dutch bros!!!!


Luceros mom gets baptized!!!

I guess that's it!!! LOL 

♥Mary Frances :)