Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pet Peeves!!!

 (Hee, Hee!!!;)
1. Bathrooms that don't have deodorizer
2. Bathrooms that DO have deodorizer but people don't use!
3. When stores or businesses don't have trash cans before you walk inside
4. When people say good luck!!! Ummmm...Did you mean God bless you???
5. When people say, "It must be Nice!" Like when you say what your doing or if you got something new, and they say, "It must be NICE!" Look I don't have everything in life that I want, but I don't tell my friends EVERY TIME they get married or have a baby or something that I really want, "It must be nice!" I'll rejoice with you when you get your spouse and baby, can you please be happy for me that I got ANOTHER new dress instead???? AHAHAHAHAAHAAA!!!
6. When people use manipulation to try and get me to do something. "We don't have a lot of money, so we were wondering if you could bring the steak tonight!" Look, I RARELY say no to people when they ask me to bring something, if you want me to JUST ASK...I don't need a free guilt trip with it! Or when people try to use my emotions to manipulate me into something even after I said NO! I rarely say no, SOOOOOO...IF I said no, IT's NO! Or I love the, "Do you want to be a blessing and________________________????" Actually, I KINDA wanted a blessing tonight...AHAHAHAHA!!!
7. When people don't eat my cooking
8. When people are wasteful with my cooking
9. When people don't use blinkers
10. When girls use guys to pay for their meal or flirt to get a discount or free drink! Seriously, that is soooooo ghetto and cheap and I'm the QUEEN OF FREE buuuuuuut that's one thing I will NOT do!!! My mom would reach outta heaven with her cane and bop me a good one for that!!! (Still remember her making me give back that hot-pink-razor-phone a guy I didn't like gave me for my birthday...You don't like him Mary! BUUUUUUUT I like the phone MOM!!! Remember how cool razor phone were guys???? And this was a HOT PINK one...sigh...buuuuut I learned! LOL)
11. When People don't want their picture taken!!! Seriously, your not too ugly, Your not too pretty, your not too spiritual, your not to fat, your not too cool, your not too popular, your not a celebrity, JUST SHUT UP AND SMILE FOR THE PICTURE!!! I'm just over here having fun, making memories...
AND BEING A STALKERRRR!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! If it's NOT for me...it's probably for SOMEONE!!! Heh, heh!!!
12. Negativity
13. Boring Clothes
♥Mary Frances :)