Thursday, January 30, 2020

What kind of candy???

So I always like to have a treat to give the kids when they get off the van and go home at the end of the night, its kinda a threat to them to behave on the way home.
 Weeeeeeelllll the kids LOOOOOVE Mexican candy, they've requested it many times, therefore, the last several weeks I've been buying the big O bulk bags from Food City and they've been VERY pleased with this!!! Well one night in the van, they were asking me what the treat was this week and I said, CANDY!!!
 They were like, Mexican candy??? I'm like, YUP!!! They're like, AGAIN??? Its ALWAYS Mexican candy don't you have anything else? I'm like, Nooooo...they're like griping about it...Soooooooo I'm like, OMW, you guys, I just remembered, I DID BRING ANOTHER KIND OF CANDY!!!!
They're like, YOU DID??? I'm like, YES!!! I don't IF you guys have ever heard of it before buuuuuuuuut its called...
Sooooooo tonight you have a choice,  you can either have, MEXICAN CANDY or NO CANDY...Whichever one you want!!! Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Good one Mary!
♥Mary Frances :)