Saturday, June 20, 2020

Music Lover's Update!

As I said earlier this week: My pastor, Denae Abbott, and the ABQ Foster's are all in Tennessee this week producing music. While I am not a musical person myself, I will encourage other's on their endeavors to use their talent for God's glory. It is the Foster's desire to not only produce their own album, but to help encourage more Apostolic talent to take that step and produce their own music. Send music production questions too
For some reason, several people did not realize that you could access the sites I listed by CLICKING on the word!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Soooooooo let me inform  you all that by clicking on the word HERE you'll be able to access the sites
The Singing Abbotts HERE
Pre-order my pastor's Sax CD HERE
Pre-order the Foster's music HERE
Send music production questions too
♥Mary Frances :)