Thursday, January 14, 2021

Fast Spender Award!!!

Annnnnnd the AWARD for spending their gift card the fastest goes toooooo...

Got a $50  Amazon 🎁 gift card from the Ginty family gift exchange 5 minutes ago and already spent it!!!🤣😇 Soooooo true story folks!!! We all have a different name and we give them a gift instead of every family member trying to get EVERY FAMILY MEMBER A GIFT!!! We're just turning into to many of us that it seemed better for every kid to exchange with another kid and all the adults to exchange with the adults! (My mom was always against this, she thought it took away from giving to each other or WHATEVERRR... buuuuuuut she's partying in heaven soooooo it's all good!!! lol)
So we pass out all the gifts and then we open them together! Weelllllll my sister in law Jewel had me and she knew JUST WHAT TO GET ME, an Amazon gift card!!! I mean, considering that I have over like 10,000 things in my Amazon wish list, INCLUDING These Pink Unicorn Taco Holders, you really can't go wrong with this gift for me!!!! 
Well all the gifts are passed out and then we're all going to open them at the same time, buuuuuuuuuuuuut since mine is a gift card, I can't open it, sooooo while everyone else is OPENING there gift, I'm SPENDING MINE!!! No joke, mine was spent BEFORE everyone else had even finished opening their gifts!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!
I was THINKING: You know how they have the Hot Dog eating contest??? They should start a contest for HOW much can you spend in Amazon gift cards in less than five minutes!!! That would be sooooooooo AWESOME!!!! Especially IF as you bought the stuff it just miraculously landed at your feet!!! YEEEEEEEESSS!!!
♥Mary Frances :)