Thursday, February 4, 2021

January 2021!!! Monthly roundup!!!

Soooooooo I was doing a monthly post with everything from that month, buuuuuuuuuuuut, it was getting kinda hard getting my pictures backed up, buuuuuuuuuut thanks to BLOGGER FINALLY updating their app to ACTUALLY be user friendly, I can just save pics on there straight from my phone!!! 
It started off at the Longberger's house partying the new year-LPC STYLE!!!! Which means, EATING, hanging out AND EATING!!!!
This was the fire-work team!!! Stultz has THE REAL STUFF!!! In other words THE ILLEGAL STUFF!!! Hee, hee!!! 

Ash wanted a pic with the fireworks man!!!
Denae and I were like SUPPPPPPERRRRRR excited to ACTUALLY be able to hang out with people from out of state!!! 
And Vivian, YOU WERE RIGHT, looks like there will be Heritage this year!!!! 
Scottsdale Quarter has THE PRETTIEST, Funnest decorations everrrrrr!!!! 

Denae really wanted this family picture because they all randomly matched...except it doesn't look like her mom really does...buuuuut it still looks good!!! LOL 

more on that in another post!!! 

If anyone is everrrr in AZ, please meet up with me!!! ANNNNNND at the very least, get my advice on places to eat...I AM YELP ELITE, you know!!! ;)))) Anywayz, everyone was pleased with my suggestions!!! 


He lived through his famous words from 9 months earlier, "I'm NOT scared of Covid19 and I'm NOT scared to die!" Annnnnnnd let me tell you all, HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH!!!! I think Bishop Abbott getting Covid and living to tell about it is such a testimony, that truly God has our days numbered, and as long as we do our part, we can trust in Him to take care of us!!!! We're NOT going to live one day more or less than God has planned for us!!! As Bro. Ikerd would say, a bomb could go off in the building, but if its NOT your time to go, your going to make it through!!!! 
Bishop's first time preaching since having Covid!!!!
Happy birthday to my adorable baby brother!!! LOL and Bishop too!!!! They have the same birthday, AND YES, my mom planned that C-section 31 years ago, on purpose!!! Hee, hee!!!
Tommy and Kelsey's first service back with beautiful little Camille!!!
I FINALLY found matcha green tea that I like, it HAS to be the Ceremonial grade though!!!
Me and my girl!!!

This girl walked in after an already amazing service was completely over, and got THE HOLY GHOST!!! 3 brand new people this month of January and several more already that have prayed back through!!!! 
We haven't done a family trip in pretty much FOREVERRR!!! My brother John said if we make it through a trip together and we're still a family.....AND WE DID!!! LOLOLOL

Odin's Five year GOTCHA DAY!!!!
Ash wanted another picture with Stultz-LOL

The kids had told me we were gonna have snow and I was like, WHAAAATEVERRRRR and I just start driving and literally freaked out!!!! I was soooooooooo scared of the car skidding!!!!

I met Celia, I'll explain WHY in another post, buuuuuuuut anyone that knows Rocky Velez think that they could literally be twins??? Its CRAZY!!! AND I kept wanting to give her these hugs like I would to sweet little Rocky, buuuuuuuuut felt that would be awkward to someone I had literally just met!!!! 
Trying to see what I would look like with my hair slicked back....Can't do it...EVEN if O LOVES IT!!!!

This adorable little girl, she only speaks French so I kept saying, Bonjour, Bonjour!!! and Ooooo la, la!!!! And I asked her if she likes Macarons!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!

All in all it was fun-packed- great beginning of a new year!!!
♥Mary Frances :)