Thursday, March 25, 2021

Just be thankful!!!

Have you ever told your kid something, and then it comes flying back your face????
Soooooooo my niece and nephew are caught up in the whole eating takis obsession, I used to love them as well til my taste buds got all messed up from a certian popular virus in which I've had twice...
So my sister kinda likes them, not a lot but just enough to ask her kids for one when she buys them each a little bag. Well she's telling me last night in her room about how it was amazing that when she asked her kids for one, they each somehow managed to find like THE SMALLEST CHIP in the bag to share with her.
She's like, I mean, they each literally had THE SMALLEST chip from their bag within seconds for me. She's like, and it wasn't a broken chip either, it was an actual whole chip that they managed to find, just sooooooooooooo small!!!
Well as she's telling me this, Odin, without missing a beat says,
Me and my sister just busted up laughing!!! Cuz we're ALWAYS saying that to him! If he wants more, or something else, or a different color, we just say, " Just Be thankful for what  you get!" This kids, seriously one of THE FUNNIEST kids everrrrrr!!!