Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Miss Dessert-Review!!!

I love, love, love, love, loooooove this place!!! Annnnnnnd YES, i really do mean LOVE!!!!  Located right here in Mesa AZ, about a 25 minute drive from the Paradise Valley area we live. My sister and I, well, MOSTLY JUST ME, discovered this place last spring during the COVID lock down. We were taking the kids every evening to a park to play since there was nothing else to do and I said lets find a new boba place to try while we're down here!
 I found this place on YELP and wanted to go- my sister was leery of trying it because every thing appeared very authentically Asian- and my sister doesn't really go for authentic, she 
prefers everything more AMERICANIZED!!! LOL buuuuuuuuuut I was like, Let's juuuuuuust TRY IT!!! We have nothing better to do than waste money on bad drinks anyway right?! Lets go on a FOOD ADVENTURE!!! Soooooooooooo we did and I WAS RIGHT!!! She loves this place too!!!
MY TOP 3 FAVORITE DRINKS: 1. Grape  tea refreasher with aloe vera! Such a uniquely distinctive flavor with that authentic Asian flare and perfect for the AZ summers!!! 2. Mega Fruit tea! You just can't go wrong with this drink!!! It quenches your thirst and healthily fills your tum with a fresh and fruuty snack! It actually comes with a fork, i mean, HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? 3. THE Orange  Fantasy!!! This is such a refreshing and uplifting drink. It's light and cooling and just Oooooh so good.

Also, this establishment is immaculately clean, bright and welcoming! I love the simplisticness of the decor, very minimalist and uncluttered feeling! Although due to Covid the seating area inside is closed, they do have the bathrooms available for customers to use and they just recently added two umbrella tables with chairs for customers to sit at. My friends and i had a very enjoyable experience drinking and fellowshipping with each other.

The employees here are always very friendly, patient and helpful with the customers and helping them make drink choices!!! Special shout out to Lily!!! She is a beautiful person and amazing employee to Miss Dessert!!! She definitely deserves a raise, a promotion or a bonus! She is just so nice and has helped to make my experience at Miss Dessert even better.

I reccomend joining the phone number club! You can earn free drinks, desserts and also will get BOGO promotions texted to you!!! Please remember that this is a Chinese owned establishment, be patient with accents and masks when trying to communicate.

Maaaaaan it's a good thing I'm typing and not talking cuz otherwise I'd have to be getting a tea RIIIIIIIGHT NOW!!!
♥Mary Frances :)