Friday, May 7, 2021

April 2021!!!

Weeeeeeellll April was for sure a hard month for me, but I can say that truly God is faithful and my trust is in Him...He is a good, good, gooooood God!!! 
God is doing some great things at our church, Bible studies are being taught and lives are being changed!!! I'm praying for a lady that I really want to teach a Bible study to that has not been interested in the past, but believing and praying that God is going to change that!!!

Making bread with my little brother Abe...
Praying that God is going to open the door for him to his own business....

Making pasta at my OTHER younger brother's house for Easter....

Then he used some of our noodles and made fettucine for dinner after I was done working


Jestina got me this amazingly, gorgous, pink and glitter feather fan for easter! 
She said the brides in Nigeria use them on their wedding day!!!! I showed Sister Abbott, she said that is soooooooooo YOU!!! I was like, yeah she said she got one for Denae too...she's like, OK DEFANTLEY NOT DENAE!!! AHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

EASTER EGG HUNT at my brother's!!!

Can't you guys imagine me with this on my wedding day??? 

I set it up on my dresser...

I brought Mega Fruit teas from Miss Dessert and they LOOOOOVED THEM!!!

My sister calls this my 40's outfit-I was like wait what??? IDK anything about clothing eras, this looks like something they wore in the 40's???? Didnt knoe they had Cool-llama shirts back then!!! She's like NOOOOO...I mean, it's just so says, "Im almost 40 in two years when I see you wearing it!" I was liiiiiike, SARCASME EH?! LOL

Btw-no im not wearing orange eyeshadow in that pic- i get really bad exima on my eyes and neck when im stressed!!!
Orange dreamsice from DQ! Not worth it buuuuut I got a cute pic before I stopped eating! Heee, hee!!!

I'm very excited about this thrifting find from Goodwill!!! #fall

Another goodwill find!!!

Odin sings his first solo,"Waymaker!"


Avacado toast is AMAAAAZING!!!

A sandwhich my sister and I split from Overeasy, I annoy her cuz I always say, WAIT, don't touch it, LET ME TAKE A PICTURE FIRST!!!

(Sis. A was outta!;)

Matching Vans from the Vacquera family!!!
Sooooo proud of them and where God has brought them from!!!

O rode the pony like a million times at Caleb's birthday party!!!


My sister wanted to try this had a line like going down the block!!!

Girls night with Jestina at Chop Shop!!!
You guys are going to hear me talking about chop shop A LOT on my blog!!! It's a healthy resturant and I really like it and since we havn't had a kitchen since two weeks before Christmas...

Skinny Juice...I'm soooooo sure...LOL

Pics from my room...

I have my own style...

It's called all things pink, floral, and glittery!!!

Thats my grandpa in that pic, don't wanna start any rumors about the handsome Italian NYPD on display on my dresser....LOL...I know how the rumor mill goes...Hee, hee!!!

This is a really good Italian resturaunt called Guidos right by the church we're renting...

I was a little scared to try them when I took a sip of my water and something was VERY WRONG with it!!! I was like, UH T, are we sure we wanna eat here??? Buuuuuut the food was amaaaazing!!!

I'm defanatley going to do a yelp review on them!!!

Cute picture photo op going on right now at Scottsdale quarter, buuuuuut I couldnt' get a selfie with all those!!!

This is a chia parfait from Chop shop and I'm gonna have to say that it was NASTY!!! I just couldn't eat it cuz I couldn't fathom wasting calories on it!!!

Our house is being remodeled so we're packing up everything and I am just clearing stuff out left and right!!!! The above doll is my FAKE CABBAGE PATCH...I never got a real one!!! Anyways, I got rid of all my toys except for Jessica, 
my favorite!!!


Thanks to Vivian for inviting me to stay with them!!!!

I'm soooooooooooo excited!!! I wasn't going to go...buuuuuut then I was like, YOu know what, I think just should!!! 
Who alls going???
♥Mary Frances :)