Monday, May 17, 2021

happy Monday!!!


I’ll say it anyways, cuz TRUTH is STILL TRUTH even when everyone else believes a lie, TRUTH still marches on!!!


hey happy, happy, HAPPY Monday everyone!!! I had a blog post the other day that I wrote from my phone, due to the fact that I accidentally locked up the mouse on my lap top and my sister-in-law has to fix it for me! Grace is pretty much like the fix everything for me person, she’s pretty awesome!!!! ANyways, I accidentally deleted it from my phone which was super annoying buuuut I told myself well at least you enjoyment in writing it and NOW you’ll get to enjoy it all over again!!! The post was a list explaining things I’m not into...I’ve been super into list writing lately!!! I accidentally posted the list with out the explanations the other day, it was just supposed to be a saved draft in my account but I accidentally published it! If you see like one line posted it means I accidentally published a thought that was supposed to be saved....I’ve done that several times this week!!!

anyways have an awesome week with Jesus everyone!!! Remember God is good, ALL THE TIME!