Sunday, May 9, 2021

it’s like...

Soooooooo this morning, I made the mistake of mentioning that I should pick up breakfast for my sis for Mother’s Day, and then we’d take it to the park, while the weather was still nice, weeeeelll of course the kids turned it into this huge production of bringing their scooters, bikes, etc...🙄


Soooooooo I say oh let’s just not go! O stops in his tracks, and says Aunt Mary!!! Be niiiiiice to my mom... it’s like her Valentine’s Day or her birthday...


We died laughing... I’m liiiiiike, it’s called Mother’s Day Bro!!! Annnnnnd I’m pretty sure you’re mom doesn’t feel it’s “mean” if you don’t get to ride your bike and scooter today!!! In fact, in her famous words, “don’t care!” Bahahahahaaaa