Saturday, May 22, 2021

Proud, proud, PROUD Auntie!!!

I was already feeling proud when my sister in law sent me this picture of Chelsea teaching her baby dolls a Bible study!!!!

Isn’t that just PRECIOUS!?!?!



My nephew just got the Holy Ghost at home 🏠 with his parents in a family prayer meeting!!! The youngest Ginty so far to get the Holy Ghost!!!

Kyle Isaac Ginty JESUS!!! Five days after becoming a Ginty, he got Jesus attached to it too!!!

Kyle and Odin talking about!!! O was literally sooooooo excited!!! He was like shrieking and clapping his hands in joy!!! 

He says, KYLE!!! Your gonna go to heaven now!!!! KYLE says, I knooooooow, riiiiiiiiiiight!!!! Then he says, STREETS OF GOLD!!!!
I can’t begin to express the joy I feel!!!! This is what it’s all about!!! What we live for... SOULS!!!