Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Reasons WHY I want to switch back to Samsung!!!

Sooooooo I have till Friday of this week to decide if I want to stay Apple 🍎 for the next two years or switch back to Samsung!!!! Annnnnnnnd I’m gonna be honest, I really miss my Samsung!!! I didn’t think 🤔 I actually had a Smartphone 📱 preference when I switched to Samsung around 2015ish I believe! I just did it cuz the camera 📸 was waaaaaaay better, especially the selfie 🤳 aspect!!!! 
Samsung things I miss:
1. Voice recordings in text messages!!! Like if I have a lot to say, which I ALWAYS DO, I can just drive and hit that record in the text and boom send my voice memo!!!
2. The camera editing was so much better and more options!!!
3. When you take a group  selfie shot, you can say capture and it takes the picture!!!
4. It seems like everything was quicker
5. the camera WAS better!!! Supposedly this iPhone is supposed to be the best but I don’t like it!
6. the hand swipe for screenshots 

Things I like about iPhone 📱 
1. They have cute, glittery otter boxes!!!
2. The screens don’t break as easily (not that I would know from experience or anything!;)

3. I don’t feel like going through the process of switching back alll my apps, passwords etc...

sooooo I’m thinking I could get an iPad for writing ✍️ IF they had a bigger keyboard ⌨️ than the normal attached ones!!!! 

I REALLY MISS MY SAMSUNG!!! That phone was pretty shot from dropping it in the street the week I got it annnnnnd the audio was hard to hear from uh hiking in the rain 🌧 BEST TIME TO HIKE GUYS!... it’s just beautiful outside when it rains!!!! Buuuuuuuut my phone didn’t feel that way!!!!🙄

sooooo idk 🤷‍♀️ maybe I should just update my phone to a newer Samsung and bring back this thing!!!