Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Surprising things I’m NOT in to...

I saw šŸ‘€ this post saved in my drafts from May and thought I should finish and post it!!! Here are some things that I think šŸ¤” people would be surprised that the Maryness does enjoy!!!


I. Pets-I knooooow this seems hard to believe because I do love cuddling with fluffy things, buuuuuuut they’re to much responsibility! They tie you down and hinder you from travel šŸ§³!!! And they smell and drool and poop šŸ’©!!! I’m not saying my spouse can’t have a pet, I’m jus sayin if I’m left to take care of it, it could be šŸ’€ not good!!! šŸ˜ we do have a dog… Buuuuuuut I’m not responsible for it!!!! Lol she is really beautiful and sweet though……buuuuuuut if I did have a pet it would be a cat!!! I had a cat named Freckles growing up and we were soooooo close!!! She ate pasta and would run to me when I SCREAMED!!! They don’t smell or drool and I love hearing their purrrr and they’re tails swishing- it’s like they flirt with their tails!!!  Buuuuuuut I’m not planning on getting a cat šŸˆ anytime soon… my sister despises them annnnnd I don’t want to be tied down!!!

2. zoos- soooooooo boring UNLESS you can interact with the animals!!! I do looooooove the deer šŸ¦Œ farm in Willams AZ!

3. Aquariums- I’ve neverrrrrr had fun looking at fish šŸ  šŸŸ I don’t even like eating them!!!

4. Most museums- I can’t say all buuuuuut if it’s not insanely gorgeous or interactive, I’ll probably be bored!!! Alcatraz island was super cool, the glass museum in Washington and the miniature museum in Tucson loved and the kids museum 

5. music- I like music šŸŽ¶ buuuuuut I don’t like crave it or go nutz if I don’t have it continuously playing! Maybe it’s because I have my imagination šŸ’­ if I’m by myself!!!

6. choir practice - this is the main reason I neverrrrr sing in the choir anywhere!!!! It’s just soooooooooo boring!!!

7. play practice- same thing!!! Lol

8. Wedding rehearsals - same as the above!!! In the Philippines we didn’t have it and it turned out fine!!

9. linking arms in weddings - its soooooo awkward and weird linking arms with a stranger and usually a MARRIED MAN!!! Why do we have to link arms?! Actually why can’t we just walk down alone?!? 

10. shoes- being flat footed, I’m super picky about shoes!!! I only have one pair of church ⛪️ shoes!!! I do have lots of Nikes and Ugg boots though!!! 

11. purses- I only have three purses and a backpack šŸŽ’!!! One church purse, 2  casual purses and a backpack!!! I hate switching things around from purse to purse!!!

12. Counselor- being a camp counselor! I’ve only done it twice in my life! Once when I was 18 and once when I was 30ish annnnnnnd I’m neverrrrr doing it again!!! I would much rather do Sunday School and the church van šŸš then do that!!!


Weeeeeeeeellll are guys surprised???