Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Things that bring me joy!!!

This list I would like to say is NON-spiritual things that bring me joy-before everyone is like, what about God and church and the Bible and the Holy Ghost-of course you guys- those are a GIVEN and my reason for living...LIIIIIIKE DUH!!!!


1. Little girls with beautiful hair

2. flowers 🌺 

3. rain-as long as I'm NOT driving in it, I LOOOOOOOOVE rain!!!

4. emojis- please insert them into texts when writing to me

5. Good smells-Ok you guys, i'm like a really total NOSE SNOB!!! I just like for everything to smell good!!!The smell of rain, and freshly cut grass and roses...buuuuuut above all else...ORANGE BLOSSOMS!!!

6. yellow-its just so cheerful and happy

7. writing -well DUH!!!

8. seeing bugs die-need i explain any further???

9. surprises

10. Beautiful nature and landscapes

11. Snow-capped mountains

12. Cute outfits

2 in 1-cute outfits & hiking!!!

13. Hiking

14. The outdoors- when the weather is beautiful!!! 

15. Food Adventures

16. Exploring annnnnd ADVENTURES in general!!! 

♥Mary Frances :)