Monday, June 19, 2023

Happy Juneteenth!!!

On my own, as early as four years old, I can remember taking and interest in African culture and the civil war times…I would imagine being one of the ones to help free slaves, I had a black baby doll, black barbies and I dreamed of one day having a black friend…
While I don't support all the political propaganda that comes along with this holiday, I do believe that it is representative of one of the greatest days in American history that should be remembered and honored!!!

People ask me WHY I would celebrate today when I’m white, I’m liiiiiiiiike, UH, cuz I don’t believe in slavery… liiiiiike DUH πŸ™„ 
It was a REPUBLICAN president that ended slavery!!!
Growing up I loved reading the American Girl books! Annnnnnd you all know me, of course my favorite girl was ADDY!!! The story of Addy goes through her life as a child slave in the fields and then her life as her and her mom escape to freedom. 

I remember reading this series and there is a part where one of the slave drivers forces her to eat a worm for not picking fast enough in the field!I was sooooo horrified that they would do that to her... Buuuuuut the American girl series of slavery is really a very glamorized version of what actually happened!!!
Always having an extra interest in the civil war era of American history, It wasn't until I read this book below, "To Be A Slave" that I realized just how dehumanized people in slavery truly were!!!

I really recommend that everyone read this book!!!
Annnnnnnd thank God for breaking our chains of enslavement to sin!!!! We are no longer in bondage, because JESUS set us FREE!!!! Let freedom ring today!!!l

♥Mary Frances :)