Thursday, June 10, 2021

May 2021!!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll May just flew by!!! Literally!!! I've just been working and blogging and going to church...annnnnnnnnd MAYBE a little, teeny, bit of shopping...buuuuuut heeeeeeyyyy I"M WORKING FOR IT!!!
Not really to tired of it cuz my mom's grandkids are my biggest income!!! LOL 


Amaaaaaazing Avacodo toast from Chop Shop!!!

I was packing up cuz we're living in a hotel til sometime in July and this is the BLUE Bible my mom gave me, I was soooooo jealous cuz my sister's was PINK...buuuuut Mom said I had blue eyes and I said buuuuuut I LIIIIIKE PINK and she doesn't have PINK EYES!!! 
Jessica, my black baby doll I begged my mom for 6 months and got on my 5th birthday!!!

That annoying moment when you don't know how accurate this mug that you bought for someone is cuz they're gone before you can give it to them!!!⋅🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Note from a student while subbing!!!
Got an Apple phone in May!!!

SLANTED RICE is where I took my sister for Mother's's AMAAAAAzing!!1

The rice cooks in the clay pot and gets all crispy!!!

Garlic Noodles!!!


MOVING OUT!!! Don't I have pretty luggage???

at the hotel!!!

this is what was underneath when they started tearing out our house


My room at the hotel...I had to add some floral and silk pillows!!!

Teaching a Bible study!!! 

This guy was to busy flirting during his Uber eats delivery, that he left his drink in my car...
It was really good!!1 LOL You have no way to contact people once you leave sooooooo I enjoyed it and hope he learned his lesson about to much flirting!!! HA!

Day trip to Strawberry AZ!!!

El Rancho In Payson AZ!!!

The things you do to make the kiddos laugh!!!

Beautiful hiking in Payson!!!

This really cool ice cream shop in payson but it was to heavy for my eating but fun for photos!!!

Making Mama T eagle fly with a bird in his mouth...once again being a crazy auntie!!!


Latte art!!! 

Most amazing avacado toast ever from Berdinas

Chelsea LOOOOOVED the dolls that i got for my tip!!!

The romeros finished up our building fundraiser with a PIZZA truck

Some people i know lol

♥Mary Frances :)