Saturday, August 28, 2021

Bone 🦴 marrow donation!!!

Weeeeeeeeeellllll I started the process for the bone marrow transplant yesterday!!! I went in to the Virginia C. Piper Center and got my first five shots! The shots have a medicine in them that releases my bone marrow into my 🩸 bloodstream!!! 
After about 15 minutes, it was like this pop i could feel in my spine and then it went into my legs 🦵 which I’m assuming was my bones enlarging cuz they said they would as they realease the marrow. It was pretty painful for about 20 minutes! I felt like an old lady with creaky bones 🦴 buuuuuuut by the time I drove home the pain was gone and I was just sore! 
Annnnnnnnd very tired!!!
Tiredness 😴 has been the main side effect!!!
I give myself five shots a day and then I go into the hospital 🏥 on Tuesday and start the donation. I’ll have IVs in both arms and te machine will take my blood, take the bone marrow from my blood 🩸, then put my blood back in me! I think 🤔 the worst part of the whole thing is really that I won’t be able to move my arms for 4-8 hours and I have to use a porta potty!!!! Buuuuuuut I literally think the not being able to move around part is worse than the porta potty part…. I do NOT like staying still!!
I already gave myself the shots today and no pain!!! I’m just superrrrrrrrr tired!!!