Thursday, September 30, 2021

Does shopping count??

At the Arise conference, Bro. Morton preached and he basically combined several messages and of course it was REALLY GOOD!!! Well in the middle of everything he gave his financial lesson….
1. Give God his tithe and offering
2. Save some
3.Eat some (buy food)
4.Give some away
well on Sunday I said to my pastor, soooooooooo do you think 🤔 thst SHOPPING 🛍 counts in Bro. Morton’s financial advice???? Because I noticed that SHOPPING WAS NO WHERE to be found on his list of how to spend your money…sooooo it must count as giving!!!! 😉😉😜
 Annnnnnnnd heyyyyy someone had to keep the shopping industry going during COVID…sooooooo it may as well have been ME!!!