Wednesday, September 15, 2021

July 2021!!!!

Okaaaaaaayyyy guys, I’m TRYING to catch up!!! I still have to do Heritage, my 38th birthday annnnnnnd NOW AUGUST!!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAANNN the year is just FLYING BY!!!!
SELFIE šŸ¤³ TIME… duh!!!!
My brother leaving his first hospital stay…. He’s now on his 3rd and it will be the longest!!!
Me filling my water šŸ’¦ jugs at the hospital cuz it’s FREE… #ghettO!!!!
Soooooooo when we were hotel šŸØ we had to move across the hall cuz our room caught on fire šŸ”„ noooooo joke!!!! 
I was the one that caught it and started screaming… we were supposed to throw all our food stuff away buuuuuuuuut I couldn’t bear throwing away my spices… especially the ones from Trader Joe’s!!!
Thd damage!!!!
Wowwwww I can’t believe it’s been 9 years we all were “dared” by Jen to try cookie butter from Trader Joe’s!!!!
Birthday šŸ„³ outfit!!!

Going to Heritage… we all accidentally met up at the airport!!!! There were so many Pentecostals on that flight!!!! 

I met Sophia and she was sooooooooo niiiiiice!!!

Roswell girls!!!!
Heritage time!!!

Loooooooooove this kidddd!!!!
Sunday School šŸ« class 

Me leaving our hotel to go home… I was sooooooo done I moved home two days early and slept on the couch!!!
My room for two seconds…

Our beautiful kitchen!!!!

Gotta keep up a sense of humor in hard times 

My air mattress- my sister was like how did you make an air mattress look šŸ‘€ sooooooo cozy????
Annnnnnnd it was back on the tow truck…
First meal in the new house
Bible study whew we’re still doily at the church
I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my 5k medals in my storage stuff… apparently they mean so much to me I hid them really well lol
A few games I want!!!! In case anyone is wondering šŸ’­ hee, hee ;)
Annnnnnd masks šŸ˜· came back šŸ™„

♥Mary Frances :)