Friday, November 19, 2021

Keto update!!!!

Soooooo guess what you guys???? Remember how i told you all HERE that I was going to TRY keto diet for two weeks??? WEEEEEEEEEELLLLLL today marks exactly two weeks on keto annnnnnd GUESS WHAT???? I'm loooooooooovin it!!!! 
 I decided I'm NOT going to stick to keto on Thanksgiving, i'm just NOT feeling THAT DEDICATED!!!! Plus I'm making these rolls and these potatoes on Thanksgiving-ive been dying to try these two recipes, there all the rage on Pinterest AND DELISH!!!
I'm down 10ish pounds!!! I say 10ish because it's a little bit more than 9 buuuuuuuut less than 10 still!!! hAHAHAAAA!!! Literally THE EASIEST diet everrrrr!!! like I can do this for a really long time!!!!

 I MEAN, if I can eat IN N OUT and still lose weight...

♥Mary Frances :)