Thursday, December 2, 2021

A Ginty Thanksgiving 2021!!!

Thanksgiving 2021!!!
Chelsie Representing her mom!!!
It didn't cancel out all the calories!!!
My melting potatoes!!! They came out bomb buuuuuuuuut not a good idea to make for a BIG GROUP!!! Very time consuming and you'd have to make A LOT of batches- more like good to make for a family of 3!!!

My rolls, they were soooooooooooo BOMB!!!! I want one riiiiiiiiiight NOW!!!! 

My Thanksgiving outfit for church!!! Isn't it sooooooo cuuuuute????

Reading to the kids my favorite childhood book, "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs"
The whole Ginty clan-minus one in heaven!!!! Although she was there in spirit because we ALL got her cooking skills!!! Soooooooo basically it was a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving!!!!
My FAVORITE thing I ate the whole day was Apple Pie from Sugar Jam's----maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan that was BOMB!!!!! Second would be my rolls-I'm sooooooo full of myself-CALM DOWN GIRRRRRLLLL!!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!!!
Sooooooooooo I had gained 4 pounds on Thanksgiving, literally, ALL I ATE was carbs on Thanksgiving annnnnd like ONE piece of turkey on a little turkey sandwich roll!!!! I was liiiiiiike if i'm off keto I'm not even touching meat today!!! LOL buuuuuuuuut I got it ALL OFF annnnnd am back to the weight I was last week sooooooooooo it's all down hill from here till Christmas!!! 
This years Thanksgiving was definatley different than last years!!!

♥Mary Frances :)