Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy 1st Monday 2022!!!

Soooooooo true!!!!
Anyone else gonna admit this besides me??? I actually got right back on track yesterday…. I even resisted the free Rainbow donuts 🍩 after church ⛪️ yesterday…. I didn’t even care about the Bundt cakes my sister had bought…BUUUUUUUUUUT THEN…
The kids got takis and they were talking about Taki sandwiches 🥪, which is an amaaaaaZing with a capital Z sandwich 🥪 that I invented annnnnnnd I HAD to have one…
Soooooooooo yeah TODAY IS THE DAY!!!Btw: my grand total for keto til Christmas was 16 pounds soooooo I’m pretty pleased!!! I’m right back on track today cuz YA know…                                  It’s MONDAY!!!🤪🙌🏽