Sunday, January 16, 2022

My apologies!!!

So sorry everyone I didn’t blog all last week… I ended up getting soooooooooo SICK 😷 🤒 🤕 🤧!!!!!
Look at how pitiful I looked!!! lol 😂 soooooo for the third time, back to back since November, I got a sinus infection!!!! My sister was like this is so weird because you’re neverrrrr sick 😷 like this!!! I’m liiiiiike I knoooooooow and I’m soooooo annoyed about it!!!
Anyways, I went to the doctor via video chat and she wrote me out a antibiotic and a steroid to calm down my sinuses and asked if I have a lot of sinus issues and I said yeah ever since I got Covid the first time I get sinus headaches and stuff! Soooooooo she said I may have to see a sinus specialist… buuuuut… idk… I’m not big on going to the doctor… I waited till getting sick a third time to actually go!!!
Also got some immune defense from Amazon!!! I’m a big vitamin nerd and this is 10 in one soooooo hopefully it works!!! If I don’t get sick for two months I’ll be happy!!!