Wednesday, January 5, 2022

When you’re kid reads the Bible…

Sooooooo Odin has this THING with figuring out how old YOU'LL be when HE IS a certain's VERY ANNOYING to have to try and do the math and when he asks at 6 am my response is usually FIRST OF ALL, why are you thinking about this first thing  waking up annnnnnnd I don't know and YOUR THE ONLY ONE that cares about this!!! LOL
Buuuuuuuuuut if i've had my caffeine and feeling a little more awake...I'll actually TRY to figure it out with him!!! I'm 28 years older than him...right? 38-10=28 Sooooooo he'll say when I'm 16 you'll be??? 44 Odin! Ok so when I'm 30 you'll be? I'm like 58 Odin! So then he's like...
 WHEN i'm 99, how old will you be Aunt Mary???
I'm like, DEAD ODIN...I'll BE DEAD BY THEN!!!!
He looks at me shocked, Aunt Mary, why do you think that??? I'm liiiiike cuz that's really old soooooo i'm sure i'll be gone by then!!! Without missing a beat he says...
You never know Aunt Mary, 
you might live to be...
969 here i come!!!
I started laughing soooooo hard!!! I'm liiiiiike first of all, at least we know you've been reading your Bible and second of all, YOUR RIGHT, I just might life to be 969...I doubt it, buuuuuuuut YOU NEVER KNOW!!!! He's liiiiike Aunt Mary, GOD CAN DO IT!!! I'm liiiiiike your right O, God CAN DO ANYTHING!!! 
Sooooooo if your kids read their Bible, they just might have faith to believe your NOT EVEN OLD!!! MAAAAAAAAAAAYBE!!! ;)