Friday, July 29, 2022

Singing on a Auntie date!!!

Sooooooo I was taking O for a haircut and when we were done, we were heading to Burger πŸ” King πŸ‘‘ for him… I don’t touch their chicken nuggets plus keto life… annnnnnnnnnnd I’m just singing away in the car….
And O is like, Such beautiful singing Aunt Mary! (Trust me, I won’t be breaking out a CD any time soon!;) Sooooooooo I say thank you and just keep singing….
And I was kinda singing from my heart, you kno that song 🎢 “Whatever you have to do to me don’t let me be lost for eternity for above all else, I must be saved! 
Sooooooooo after I sing that line, O decides to join and he says to the tune of the song and totally serious, annnnnnnnnd also don’t let me be arrrrrrrreeeeested πŸš”πŸš“πŸš¨
I could NOT stop laughing!!!!
I guess those are things you gotta pray 
on a date with AUNT MARY!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)