Saturday, September 17, 2022

Reason WHY...

Sooooooo I thought I'd tell you guys WHY i've been posting sooooo much more recently...because in THE PAST i've blogged A LOT when I'm really sad because it just occupies my mind and honestly writing brings my joy and fulfillment in my life, BUUUUUUT I'm not posting A LOT because I'm sad this time!!! 
I'm blogging A LOT because someone asked me to BLOG ALOT because they said they needed my writing right now because it helps them!!!! Soooooo I said I'd TRY for the next little bit to get writing in as much as I can...PUSHING FOR EVERYDAY for the next little bit!!! I mean, I figure if God blessed me with this gift, I can only use it to bless others in return!!!
Sooooooooooo ENJOY the writing!!! 
It's for YOU!!! (:
Buuuuuuuuuut don't worry, I'm NOT sad!!!
♥Mary Frances :)