Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Meaning of last names….

Have you ever googled 
what your last name means??? 
I looooooooooooove finding out the meaning of names and last names!!! For example, my mom's maiden name was Mangino and the root word of Mangino is Mangi which means eat...

  • Io mangio = I eat
  • Tu mangi = you eat
  • Lui/Lei mangia = He/she eats
  • Noi mangiamo = we eat
  • Voi mangiate = you (plural) eat
  • Loro mangiano = they eat
I loooooooooooove this and sooooooooooo FITTING for our family!!! Of course, my last name is Ginty, soooooooooo I looked that up and it basically has NO MEANING exept that it was a slang word for Irish people! He's a "GINTY" instead of saying he's Irish or that Ginty over there! Sooooooo it is an EXTREMELY IRISH last name!!!
But Abbott is a cool last name cuz it's Jewish and the root word is Abba meaning father.
FUN MARY FACT: I've been interested in several guys before, JUST BECAUSE THEIR LAST NAME WAS an Adventure's in Oddysey Character!! I realize by saying these people's last name's i'm incrimminating myself to announcing crushes on my blog, buuuuuuuuuut I literally don't even care!!! And I actually wouldn't even reckonize them if I saw them cuz it was LITERALLY their last name I had a crush on!!!
One was some guy with the last name Wooton-Okaaaaaaaaaay you guys all know I LOOOOOVED Wooton until Penny came a long and stole him from me-NO I'M NOT OVER IT...I don't care if they're married-they were such a bad match!!! I think Wooton shouldve married me although, we're actually probably a really bad match too...I think Wooton should've married a quiet person!!! 
Soooooooooo the other one, wellllll I was tellin my sister that this one guy I wanted to hook a friend up with was a really good guy BECAUSE I told him a guy I was interested in and he kept his word and neverrrrr told anyone!!!  Sooooo my sister was liiiiiike, who was the guy that you told him you liked???? I paused and said, weeeeeeellll to be honest, I actually can't remember his first name....buuuuuuuuuuut his last name was Whitikar!!!! 
My sister was liiiiiiiiike OH WHATEVER, you only liked that guy so that your last name would be Whitikar!!! I was liiiiiiiiike, okaaaaaaaaaay weeeeellll DUH!!! I mean liiiiiike literally, if my last name was Whitikar I would NEVERRRRRR SHUT UP ABOUT IT!!!!! I'd me like, "Hi, my name is Mary Frances Whitikar, buuuuuuut MY FRIENDS CALL ME, Mrs. Whit!!!!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAA!!! God knew, God knew...He was liiiiike, NOPE, she's gonna drive everyone NUTZ with that last name!!! hee, hee!!!
Anywayz, I HOPE when I get married that I get a really cool last name!!! Or really pretty or cute sounding! I could NEVERRRRRRRR marry someone with the last name ROACH!!! Can you believe that ROACH is actually a last  name??? I know of several people with that last name!!!! I could NOT have that last name...EVERRRRR!!!  NOPE!!! that would ruin everything!!! What kid would ever want to read a book by Mary Roach???  NOPE!!! Neverrrrrr!!! They would run in horror at the authors last name!!! Well I WOULD!!!
 I hope I get a cool sounding last name, buuuuuuuuuuuut I will settle for a boring last name over an UGLY last name!!! I know this sounds sooooooooo shallow buuuuuuuut I actually think about these things!!! 
I'm liiiiiiiiike GOD,
 I've waited this long, 
.(Also a cool meaning!;)
AnywayZ, GOOGLE THE MEANING AND ETHNICITY and history of your last name!!! You may be pleasantly surprised what you find out!!! Just type in to Google What does the last name ____________ mean??? (You’re last name in the blank!;)

♥Mary Frances :)