Thursday, November 10, 2022


SOOOOOOOOOOO I discovered this really, really, REALLY cool organization site called 

Basically, this website says that there are four basic ways of organizing and once you discover the way you think, it will help you SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to becoming organized. I took this test awhile ago and my results were this...


Butterflies are visual organizers who can easily forget about items when they are stored out-of-sight. They also struggle to maintain really detailed organizing systems and prefer fewer and larger categories when sorting their things. Love visual abundance and organizational simplicity. You are a really visual person and for you, it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind. You need visual, but fast and easy systems, like clear or wire bins and baskets and lots of hooks. 

Butterfly Traits

A Butterfly is a very visual person and likes to see all their belongings for fear of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”.

You are probably a Butterfly if you have clothing on top of your dresser and on the floor, but your closet and drawers are practically empty (except for those items you don’t use or love).

Butterflies prefer to have their items visible and displayed, rather than hidden in drawers and behind closed doors. Butterflies are often overwhelmed with the idea of organizing because they have “failed” in the past with traditional organizing solutions that are tailored for people who prefer to “hide” their belongings. A Butterfly needs easy, fast Macro-Organizing solutions that are visible and/or clearly labeled.


This is sooooooo ME ------------>Open shelving works well for you! Take advantage of vertical space and get stuff off your floor. You NEED open shelving in your home, and a lot of it. Hooks are a Butterflies best friend! Hang hooks in your entrance way, inside your closet and on the back of doors! 


Appreciation for BEAUTY- this is sooooooooo true!!! Did you know this is an ACTUAL Values trait in certain people??? I had a guy friend once that I took this values quiz with, maybe i'll find that and post it in the future, and my appreciation for beauty was so high on the list and his was literally LAST on his list! I may or may NOT have told him that I knew that was going to be low because if it had been HIGH on his list he would have married me a looooooooooooong time ago...aahahahahhahahhaaaaa!!!  okaaaaaaaaay sooooo really though this is not just talking about physical beauty. It's like being mesmerized by nature, flowers, and sunsets and mountains. this may sound trivial, buuuuuuuut for me, everything I use ALL THE TIME, has to be cuuuuuuuut or pretty!!! It sounds dumb, buuuuuuuuut I just can't drink from a boring cup ALL DAY LONG!!! I still dress cute to go hiking! I can't just have a PLAIN notebook! 

Berenstein Bears!!!
As a kid, my room was ALWAYS a mess!!! With five kids staying in ONE ROOM, it was pretty much and impossibility to be organized!!! I remember as a kid reading this book and totally relating to the bears big O MESS!!! 
Then the bears would clean their room and their parents helped them to make everything neat and all their toys were hung up and on display and in labeled boxes....I thought that was soooooo COOL!!!! I would just STARE and STARE!!! and think I would LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to have a room organized like theirs!!!!
Looking back, I realize now, that the reason why i liked their clean room the way it was is because I'm a BUTTERFLY ORGANIZER!!! It was visually appealing to me!!! 

Berestien Besrs or whaaaaat???
Things that have helped me organize
1. CLEAR OUT!!! 
2. Pick up after myself
3. Make my bed every morning.

5. Hooks, bins, shelves

A hanging place for all my 5k run medals!!!
6. Routine- just keep some what of a routine of doing things… well I Don’t really know what I’m trying to say… I’d take it out buuuuuuut then I’d have to re-number everything else and ain’t nobody got time for that!!!😂😂
7. Vanity table
I just sit here and do my skin care every morning and night
And I do my hair here, it makes easier to have all this stuff 
In one place and in a routine!!!

8. Planning outfits ahead- laying everything out the night before for the next day
OBVIOUSLEY, there are extremely organized people that would still NOT think I'm organized and yes I still struggle with organization, buuuuuuuuuut IF YOU KNEW the younger me, you would be VERY IMPRESSED!!! I still have extreme difficulty when traveling and you can count on my stuff being EVERYWHERE in the hotel room, usually a trail of clothes…because I just don't know how to be organized out of my own comfort space!!! 
HAHAHA!!!! Gotta add one of these in!!! LOL Sooooo one of the young people asked this when we were playing would you rather singles edition! Would you rather marry someone that was overly messy OR overly organized??? I pick overly organized, BECAUSE I struggle with organization, it would overwhelm me to marry someone that was less organized than me because I would have NO CLUE how to keep them organized!!! I get really stressed out with a mess because I just don't know where or how to get started with cleaning up. Even at a party or something at church, I want to HELP, but I need a DIRECT JOB!!! Wash the dishes or clean the toilets-I would rather do than putting everything back the way it was or is supposed to be. 
Soooooo my preference would be someone MORE ORGANIZED that can help or teach me to be more organized or just organize me...whateverrrr....Idk how much I WOULD ANNOY an extremely organized person!!! BAHAHHAHAAAA!!! At the same time, two extremely organized people, may get annoyed when they don't organize the same if they want it a SPECIFIC WAY and the other one wants it a SPECIFIC WAY thats different...whereas someone like me would be like, sure do whatever you want, that sounds GREAT!!!!
 I think my main thing is that IF you want to do something, don't give me a play by I had a friend that would let me KNOW EVERYTIME she picked up after me at a conference...I'm liiiiiiike I literally DO NOT CARE that you just put my brush back with my stuff for the millionth time today!!! If you want to put something of mine away, JUST DO IT!!! And then when I can't find it, I'll ask you where it is since your so organized anyways!!! AHAHAHAA! Also, just like, hey Mary you know what may help you a lot with staying more organized... and then teach it to me. I don't mind at all receiving help or being shown how to do something, I'm a VERY TEACHABLE PERSON!!! 
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