Monday, November 7, 2022

Dear 18-year-old Mary!!!

What would you tell the 18- year-old you??? I saw this as a writing suggestion and thought it would be fun 🤩 to do!!! What would I tell the 18- year old me???
Dear Mary, 
Your NOT getting married for a really, really, REALLY LOOOOOOOOONG TIME!!! Sooooooo just take a seat, enjoy the ride and HANG ON TIGHT!!! Just…
                              TRUST GOD AND CHILL!!!
Put your trust in God, not man. People come, people go, keep your feet cemented in the church ⛪️. No matter how down you feel, GO TO CHURCH!!! If you want God’s will in your life, simply stay in His will. Don’t get bitter, forgive, be kind, pray more, shop less and always, always, always keep your eyes on Jesus! 
Love 💕 the 39-year-old you,
                                Mar Bear 🐻 
P.S. annnnnnd ALWAYS LOOK GOOD, 
even when you have a broken heart 💔!!!! 
That’s literally all I’d say because looking back on my life, aside from being unwise with my finances and maybe being a little extra in the flirting department, I have absolutely NO REGRETS!!! That’s how it is when you stay in God’s will!! I may have no kids, no husband, buuuuuuut I’ve still got my purity, my first kiss 😘 and the joy of the Holy Ghost!!!!! What have I been doing for the last 21 years of my life??? Living for God and having a whole lot of fun 🤩 doing so!!! Jesus IS AND ALWAYS will be THE BEST THING that’s ever happened to me!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

What would you tell the younger you???