Thursday, November 10, 2022

Possible new diet plan!!!

Soooooooo my niece Bethany was telling me WHY she couldn’t eat her uncrustable her mom left her for lunch today!!!
She said it was because one time she was eating a PBJ PEANUT 🥜 BUTTER AND JELLY sandwich 🥪 and the jelly came squirting out and got on her skirt!!! So now she just doesn’t eat them anymore!!!
I was liiiiiike maaaaaaan, if Aunt Mary stopped eating a certain food EVERY TIME a food got a mess on her, SHE MIGHT ACTUALLY BE THIN!!!
I tend to get a mess no matter!! 
Yesterday I was picking the kids up from school 🏫 and I got out was drinking my orange 🍊 zero and I took big O drink and some how completely MISSED MY MOUTH!!!! All the little girls started laughing 😆 hysterically!!! I was liiiiiike uh you guys saw that???? They were like YES MAR BEAR 🐻!!!! We saw that!!!!
Soooooo yeah if I stopped eating anything that got me a mess I’d probably be THIN!!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)