Sunday, July 30, 2023

Funeral arrangements….

Everyone is welcome to celebrate the life of my little brother!!!
 I can’t believe you’re gone John, I still remember when mom told us she was having a baby!!! I still remember holding my baby brother, feeding you in your high chair, getting in trouble for us making a huge mess in the bathroom splashing all the bathtub bubbles, all those nights we spent together in the hospital when you were 16, chaperoning you on your first date with Lizzy, your wedding 💒 day, knowing you were someone else’s now, then you were a daddy and it seems like you were just asking me how I fry my tacos, annoying me an sitting on my lap and then I blinked and you were just gone… my little baby brother is gone with Jesus!!! I remember my life before you were here, buuuuuuut I never imagined my life without you once you came a long!!! It breaks my heart, yet I know you’ve accomplished what we are living to obtain!!!
Still I will trust him, still I will follow, still I will listen to his every calling!!!!

♥Mary Frances :)