Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Happy Birthday!!!

My brother made it to heaven around 3ish today!!! Sister Bishop Abbott was in the room with John and Liz and the one that realized he had crossed over and let Liz know, which was really special since she just went through this with her own husband a year ago. I’m so thankful she could be there for my little sissy as she faced the same heartbreak 💔. 
Even though the transplant I gave him failed, the nurse said he still had 100% my DNA, so technically a part of me is already in heaven!!! 🙌 Now we will forever share the same birthday 🥳 
And YES, I expect two cakes now for the rest of my life… one for me here and one for me that is already in heaven!!! I’ll be partying in heaven and on earth every year!!!  🥳 
♥Mary Frances :)