Sunday, July 2, 2023

Happy Sunday!!!!

Today was soooooooo much fuuuuuuuunnnn at church ⛪️!!! We had an ice cream 🍨 social before church ⛪️ and then after that, before regular church service, we had kids church and Judah and Chris acted in a silly lesson.
Judah was the doctor and Chris was the patient and the doctor was taking all the sinful things out and filling him with good things and I was laughing soooooo hard I was wiping away tears!!!! Seriously they were sooooooo FUNNY!!! The funniest part was when Dr. Judah was trying to put LOVE in his patient and I was trying to yell out a girls name buuuuuut I couldn’t cuz I was laughing soooooo hard!!!! 

Ladies, these two guys are HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!! Honestly they are two of the best guys!!! Besties, buuuuuut complete opposites, but both very anointed when they preach and lead in youth services!!! I’ve seen God work through them and the presence of God fall as they led or spoke. They both are graduated from high school, college students, have jobs, faithful to the house of God, they sing, both are very musical, Judah plays the drums and Chris I believe will be helping play the organ soon!!! they are truly good, Godly men… OOOOOOH, I almost FORGOT… ;)…They’re also siiiiiingle,  aaaaaand ladies, they’ll be at Antioch… soooooooo BE FRIENDLY!!!! Jus sayin!!!  Annnnnd they did NOT ask me to say this and in fact, no one tell Chris about this… he would not like it… he doesn’t like the spotlight… I have NO IDEA WHY??? 🤷‍♀️ ! Buuuuuuuut they deserve a shoutout…. If only for making me laugh til tears came out today!!! Sooooooo yeah say hi, introduce yourself…etc..
I won the mystery box 📦 game!!! Liiiiiiike I neverrrrr WIN!!!! Buuuuuuuut when I do, I NEVERRRRRRR SHUT UP ABOUT IT…liiiiiiiiike neverrrrr…AND I WON 🙌 
So Brother Jimmy gave this riddle line by line 
Born in 1986
I come from the rugged peaks.
I am found early in the morning. 
Some say I am no good, but I am a real sweetie
If you use me, I may give you a kick and may cause you to shake. but I’m not trying to harm you 
I’ll expand your waist a bit, but won’t change the scale
I am green, but not with envy 
When life hands you lemons, don’t be boring and make lemonade, be extreme and make me instead …
Soooooo had guessed several things, koolaid… etc… and everyone else was guessing too… money 💰… coffee… and randomly, literally NOT THINKING I WAS RIGHT AT ALL… I said, MOUNTAIN DEW ZERO!!!
And I was ACTUALLY RIGHT!!! Bro. Jimmy was like, what made you know it was Mountain Dew zero??? I said I didn’t really think it was right… I just said it cuz it’s green, it gives you a kick but won’t make the scale go up and I guessed it BECAUSE that’s what I drink EVERY MORNING!!! Mountain Dew Zero is soooooo much better than Diet Mountain Dew!!! Plus I loooooove coffee, buuuuuuut I can’t have sugary drinks without protein because it makes my sugar go really low and then I end up eating more than I normally would to get it back up and it can’t just be sugar cuz it will go up but then back down again… and then I’ll have to eat again… idk it’s weird!!!
I just happened to be wearing green to match the Mountain Dew Zero and $10 I WON 🙌 such a God thing… I almost wore something different too!!!
Aaaaaand we had an object lesson and blessed seats and after all that AN AWESOME CHURCH ⛪️ SERVICE !!! I looooooooove my church sooooooo much!!!!! I’m sooooooo thankful that in all the Pentecostal Church Families, I get to be a part of Landmark Pentecostal Church, THE BEST CHURCH FAMILY EVERRRRR!!!
♥Mary Frances :)