Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Things that make me roll my eyesπŸ™„

Weeeeeeeelllll I thought I'd do a summer #2
1.Wearing all black-πŸ™„ 
sorry to EVERYONE that was wearing all black at Antioch!!! You all looked beautiful, even IF I ROLLED MY EYES!!! LOL Buuuuuuut would it hurt to add at least ONE COLORFUL THING??? A flower? Purse? Shoes? SOMETHING???
2.Parking behind me so I can’t get out-πŸ™„ 
It's REALLY NOT THAT HARD TO WALK AN EXTRA TWO FEET TO THE FRONT DOOR!!!! You're gonna be REALLY ANNOYED if I back out into your car!!!!
They are THE PRETTIEST PINK COLOR EVERRRR with the most absolute DISGUSTING FLAVOR!!! It's such a disappointment!!! An ILLUSION!!! Why God??? Why would you do this to me??? Why not make them LIKE ME??? Beautiful on THE INSIDE TOO!!! ;)
4.Bland veggies-πŸ™„
There's NOTHING MORE ANNOYING at a restaurant then when you order and amazing dish of food and it comes with a side of bland, UNFLAVORED steamed veggies!!! This shows a bad chef works here!!!! Veggies DO NOT have to be blah and BORING!!!! They can be delicious, browned to perfection and BURSTING with flavor!!! They can be a healthy PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH!!!! Buuuuuuuut NOOOOO, these fancy places fill half the plate with bland, boring and MUSHY VEGGIES!!!!
5.Fluffy people that are picky eaters-πŸ™„
There's some people that are soooooo particular about everything!!! They don't wanna try NOTHING NEW or ADVENTUROUS and I just look at them and WONDER, HOW DID YOU GET SOOOOOOOO FLUFFY on BORING FOOD?????? Now me, it's been a DELICIOUS ADVENTURE GETTING HERE...buuuuuuut your scared to try Asian food??? You got here eating plain lays potato chips and big mac with just cheese and a Diet Coke??? BORIIIIIIIIING!!!! 
6.When cars πŸš— sit behind you waiting for you to pull out of a parking spot!!!πŸ™„
7.When someone is taking foreverrr to pull out of a parking spot!!!πŸ™„ (Also Costco!!!)
8.Pride month-πŸ™„
ENOUGH SAID!!! I'm glad it's over and I'm NOT EVEN JULYING ABOUT THAT!!!
9.When someone says...
 your THE LAST PERSON I would ever confide in or trust!!!πŸ™„
 Whateverrrrr!!!! If you can say that about me then YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!!! You only know ABOUT ME buuuuuut you don't actually KNOW ME!!! 
10.To OLD AGE RESTRICTIONS to do fun things!!!πŸ™„
 Your NEVERRRRR to old to have fun!!! Especially to hang out with your friends and eat good food!!!! 

πŸ™„List #1 HERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)