Friday, August 4, 2023

When Mary disappeared…

Soooooooo this one time at church ⛪️, way back in the day, I got up to sing a solo, I’m not really a singer, I’m not a horrible singer, buuuuuuuuut it’s just NOT my thing, buuuuuuut if I’m asked to do it, BY MY PASTOR, I will do it!!!
Well apparently I had been asked to sing and so I had practiced really hard to get everything right!!!! I did NOT want to make any mistakes!!! 
So I finally completed ✔️ my song and when I was done worshiping, I was like PHEW, I sang the whole song without any mistakes!!! I was soooooo happy I just flew off the platform sooooo fast I actually missed the last step!!!
The next thing I knew I was just on the ground in front of the platform!!!! John told me afterwards that I was just GONE!!! He said Literally one moment he saw me and he blinked and I had just disappeared!!! He said for a moment he actually wondered IF the rapture had happened and I was the ONLY ONE that had went up!!!!
He heard me laughing and he knew I was STILL HERE!!!

♥Mary Frances :)