Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ginty Thanksgiving 2023!!!

Ginty Sisters!!!! 💕 

Pie 🥧 is my favorite part!!!

My Thanksgiving Day outfit cuz by Thanksgiving Day I was bored with wearing fall colors!!! Lol 😝 

I had to make a little tray of lasagna cuz ya know… that’s what Italians be doing!!!

Juliana’s shirt said give me the mashed potatoes and no one gets hurt!!!

My full plate 

My plate when I was full!! 

Going for a walk after eating 🍽️ 

Bethany won 🥇 the turkey 🦃 hunt!!!

Cherry 🍒 pie 🥧 

 It was a really, really nice Thanksgiving day and then you always think, how could I have had such a good time when my brother just died and wasn’t there and you start to feel guilty but then you remember that they’re having a waaaaaaay better time than you could ever be having down here and that they would want you to have a good day too!!!! I’m so thankful that we have a hope that goes beyond the best and worst times down here!!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)