Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Happy Birthday John!!!

Your first birthday 🥳 in heaven John!!! We tried to recreate your pizza that we did together every year buuuuuut of course it wasn’t quite the same!!! Buuuuuut it wasn’t bad, it tasted like the year you made pizza for mom’s birthday and I told you to pizza wasn’t your thing, stick to cheesecake!!! Buuuuuut hey it was still bomb.com, I only said that to be annoying!!! 😜 
And we released balloons for you cuz you always liked doing that for people, I told Grace, John always liked doing that, as long as he didn’t have to buy the balloons!!! Bahahahahaaa 
Abe made cheesecake and it wasn’t to shabby, Richard said it tastes like dad’s!!! Buuuuuuut I have to say, I’m working on cheesecake recipe that is going to outdo both of your guys cheesecake… it miiiiiight even get me a husband… IF I can find a single guy to actually eat it!!!! Bahahahahaaa