Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Priscilla comes to visit!!! For

Soooooo I’ve been meaning to blog about this foreverrrrr and I just kept forgetting buuuuuuut my friend Priscilla came and visited me this summer!!! We had literally met a 1 month earlier, the last night of AMA , after church just chilling with everyone at night and we were laughing so hard about stuff an the next thing I knew she was coming for a visit!!!
You guys have noooooo idea I just was soooooo sick!!!! I warned her… just to let you know I am soooooo sick 😷 buuuuuut she still came and I felt bad cuz I’m usually like, go, go, GO!!!! Buuuuut she was totally chill about me wanting to nothing buuuuuut sit there and talk!!!! And we literally just on the couch ALL DAY  and talked and talked and she told me her testimony and I told her about every guy that has everrrrr broken my heart which IS actually is a very short list and I was liiiiiiike, wait so we’ve only known each other for a month??? How’ve we only known each other for a month???? 

OF course I had enough energy to get coffee!!! We got these orange 🍊 cold cream coffees and they were sooooo bomb 💣 

And of course I did NOT lose my appetite like a typical GINTY and we went to Fry Bread house for dinne…
She was pretty impressed with them!!!
Sunday morning she got to experience my cooking skills, she saw first hand that I can make an immaculate kitchen look like a tornado 🌪️ swept through it in less than five minutes… and ALSO that I absolutely can NOT multitask… not only can I NOT talk and drive, I can NOT talk and cook… the first batch of breakfast sandwiches got burnt buuuuuut we stopped talking for the rest!!! Lol she even got to experience the fire alarm going off for me!!!! Bahahahahaaa 

Church ⛪️ time!!!!

Even my sister liked her!!! She said good job on FINALLY making friends with someone that’s NOT annoying!!!🤣😂

After church ⛪️ a group of us went to a Thai place called Malee’s!!! It was sooooooo goood!!!!! Bomb coconut 🥥 shrimp!!!

And then it was time to say goodbye 👋 
Buuuuuuuuuut NOT FOR LOOOOONG… she’s staying with me for Landmark Conference next week…
And single Apostolic MEN, guess what?????
She’s siiiiingle!!! 😜 😘 
♥Mary Frances :)