Saturday, December 2, 2023

Single Saturday-guy advice!!!!

Years ago, I had a guy friend that was explaining a conflicting situation he was in with another young lady. He said, she wanted him to meet her at a coffee shop to just discuss something as friends. He didn't feel like this was a good idea because it may give people the wrong impression of them being in a relationship. Apparently, the girl was insistent, etc... (this is one of those girls that has IT'S COMPLICATED in her relationship status on every profile🙄) Now he was asking for MY ADIVCE!!! AHAHAHAAA!!!
To explain himself he said, MARY, If you saw me sitting in a quaint little café, talking with a singlegodly, BEAUTIFUL young lady, what would you think? 
I was liiiiiiike, hmmmmm, clarify to me, just how beautiful is she??? He says, absolutely, stunningly beautiful, even GORGOUS!!! 

Without hesitation, I said, WEEEEEEEEEELLLLLL... 
to be perfectly honest with you...
 it would be RATHER hard... 
to look at myself...
Yes, that was really, my whole thoughts on the ENTIRE MATTER!!! 
OMW! I seriously crack myself up!!! 
Oddly, he stopped asking me for advice....hey, don't ask me stupid questions, you already know the answer too...YOU KNOOOOOOOW you shouldn't be meeting up alone with girlZ BRO!!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)