Wednesday, January 31, 2024

40th Birthday Trip!!!-

Sooooooo for my 40th birthday πŸ₯³ my sister paid for an amazing trip!!! We flew into DC, drove to Lancaster for two days there, then we drove to Hershey for two days there and then back to DC for three days!!! It was soooo the coolest trip everrrrr!!!!

“Lancaster is absolutely beautiful!!!

I actually got to meet the artist of this mural as she was painting πŸ–Ό️ it and my favorite part is that she was Asian too… I mean it just wouldn’t be as cool if a white person was painting ramen 🍜!!!

Aside from the light and sound theatre, my favorite thing in Lancaster was the farmers market… it was huuuuuuuge and the prices were waaaaaaay cheaper than here in AZ!!!!!

Shopping πŸ›️ at Main Street Exchange 

And then I had a wardrobe malfunction In which I won’t go into the details on my blog.. buuuuuuuuut I had to buy a clearance skirt that I didn’t try on and was soooooooo tight I had to get my sisters help to get it off and it took about 10 minutes still…. Oh but don’t worry I was modest cuz I had something to go over it!!!!

It’s coming in the spring to light and sound in Lancaster and we’re going!!!
The Moses play was amaaaaaaaaZing with a capital Z!!!! 
The Abbott’s asked me how the play was and I was liiiiiiiike, I NOW OFFICIALLY HAVE A CRUSH ON MOSES!!!!! And my pastor was like, he better NOT have been dressed immodest!!!! I was liiiiike, NOOOOOOO it was his personality!!!! I wanna marry a man JUST LIKE HIM!!!!
So they really played into Aaron being Moses spokesperson and and they made Aaron’s personality extremely talkative, and Moses was a man of few words but like when he did say something it was really good, and Aaron was more fun and funny and outgoing and Moses was more reserved and wiser and astute! And when Aaron would start talking TOO MUCH all the Israelites would say, STOP TALKING AARON!!! 

AnywaZ, long story short, I totally wanna marry Moses now!!!

This girl worked at Mainstreet exchange and then I literally saw her right after at the play!!!!

Apple cider Bundt cake 9’r of the best things I ate on the trip!!! Lol

This was the moment Odin decided he no longer wanted a Tesla when he turns 16… he wanted a horse and buggy!!! Which has changed again and is now from horse and buggy to a LUCID!!!

I tried shoo-fly pie πŸ₯§ here… it was pretty eh… NOT my thaaaaaang fo sho!!!

He was mad at me in this picture cuz I wouldn’t let him take a picture inside the buggy!!! I was like Odin, you can’t just get in someone’s buggy, it’s like if you were to break into someone’s Tesla for a picture in it!!! He’s liiiiiiike, buuuuuuuuuut, it’s NOT A TESLA…it’s a buggy!!! I’m like WHY DO EVEN BOTHER explaining???

Beautiful countryside 

So they actually can't ride bikes either, they do these pedal scooters cuz apparently you can't travel more than 15 miles in a day!!!

Best pretzels πŸ₯¨ 

Out of all the Amish pretzels πŸ₯¨ we had, this one was THE BEST!!!
Cinnamon sugar and a little salty too!!!

WE DID an Amish bus tour and I am so glad we did!!!

OKAAAAAAAAAY SO THE QUESTION I asked everyone was, WHAT IS SCARIER??? Me on the road driving a CAR??? Or ME ON THE ROAD WITH A HORSE AND BUGGY??? Everyone said BOTH were equally SCARY!!!

Super cute little cafe!!!
And from here we drove to Hershey Pensylvania!!!

We met up here with one of my cousins and her family who live in Connecticut!!!!

I was liiiiike it's sooooooooo weird us all being together outside of NYC or AZ!!!!


This memorial was to the woman soldiers and nurses that died saving the lives of others!!! You take off your hair tie and leave it there to honor them!!! I left mine!!!! It was really neat to see!!!

There is something soooooo amaaaaaaZing about actually seeing the White House for the first time in my life, I didn’t think it would be as profound of a moment as it was but every American πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ should go at least once in their lifetime!!!

My braid is coming out cuz I left my hair tie at the lady memorial!!!

This church ⛪️ is where every president gets something but I can’t remember WHAT!!!


Honoring those who died for those they would never meet

Took this for all my Filipino peeps!!!!

These truths… that ALL ME. ARE CREATED EQUAL… also the same president that took portions of the Bible out… how can a man be so right and brilliant in one area and sooooooo DUMB IN ANOTHER???

Met some blog readers and now I forgot everyone’s name and their pastors name buuuuuut I do remember they’re from

I took this for my nurse friends, I forgot what it means….

Martin Luther King Memorial
Cool looking Starbucks!!’

Friendship bridge given to the US from Beghing  China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ 

Interestingly, there were MORE black people in China town than there were Asians!!!! NO clue why there’s Chinese in China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ town!!!!! 🀷‍♀️ 

So DC is known for their high Ethiopian population and I wanted some really good Ethiopian food!!! My sister hate’s Ethiopian food, buuuuuuuut she loves ME, soooooo she took me to the Habesha market place!!! it was in the worst neighborhood everrrr and she risked getting mugged, and I came back in the car smelling like pot, buuuuuuut she took me!!! Lol and the food was BOMB πŸ’£ 

This adorable πŸ₯° little Paris bakery we went to with amazing food… it was one of the best places we ate at here!!! A nice REPRIEVE after being lectured for 10 minutes straight on breast cancer from my Uber driver… YUP GOT IT BRO!!! Bahahahahaaa do you guys know just how hard it was to NOT LAUGH πŸ˜‚ THROUGH THAT???? Please ma’am, take care of them for YOUR CHILDREN!!! Yes FO SHO BRO!!!! Thanks to the Uber driver, I now have a lululemmon belt bag for my phone…. And an anthropology one and a Vince camuto one…Which according to the national breast society, phones πŸ“± have absolutely nothing to do with breast cancer, I researched it… buuuuuuut heeeeey, belt bags are cuuuuuuute!!! πŸ™Œ 

I don’t really have words to express how amazing this museum is!!!! Everyone needs to come here!!! 

I could definitely πŸ’― write a whole post alone on this and if I go back I probably will!!!!
THIS WAS THE ABSOLUTE FUNNEST, most intriguing, interesting, mysterious, interactive museum I have been too and I am NOT a museum person!!! Buuuuuuuuut I even helped find osama Bin Laden πŸ˜‚ 
I just kept wishing the whole time that I had a really smart person with me to help decode stuff!!!! Where’s a genius when I need one????

Officially ready to marry JASON WHITIKAR!!!


Because mb little NYC bagel πŸ₯― shop in DC!!! Omw now I’m sooooooo craving a BAGEL!!!’

Even the DC airport is cool looking!!!

All in all it was an absolutely phenomenal, fun, educational trip that I’m soooooo thankful my sister gave me this gift 🎁!!!! Best big sister everrrrrrrr!!!! πŸ€— 😘 
One day I would like to go back when the cherry πŸ’ trees are in blossom, to see the National Gardens and the Postal stamp museum- in honor of WOOTON!!! 😜 and back to the Bible and spy museum and to do an Ethiopian food tour and to visit Little Ethiopia πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή!!!! And to tour INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE!!! And it better be BEAUTIFUL INSIDE!!!