Monday, January 22, 2024

Happy Monday!!! GUESS WHAT???

Soooooooo in December Zadie B’s had a contest for writing the best review for your favorite dress that they have and 
                               GUESS WHAT???? 
I ACTUALLY WON 🥇 FIRST PLACE!!! I can’t believe I neverrrrrrrrr win and especially first place!!!! 
The reward is a $100 gift certificate to Zadie B’s!!! Which I’m actually NOT SPENDING!!! Because I’m on a SHOPPING 🛍️ FAST!!!! Miracles STILL HAPPEN!!! Bahahahahaaa 

This is the dress I reviewed!!!
This is my review…
The design of this dress makes it THE BEST DRESS EVERRRRR!!! I got this dress in four different colors. I love the design and fit so much! It can be dressy but i choose to wear it for casual because it is literally sooooo comfy and I still look amazing in it, so why not look amazing everyday and not just for church ⛪️ right !? I especially love the front pocket on it, it also makes it perfect for traveling! I just stick my little card wallet and airplane ticket and even my phone 📱 in it and because of the shape nothing falls out like so often happens with side pockets! My favorite is the Barbie pink dress color though! I have literally gotten more compliments just going to Costco or the dry cleaners wearing that dress than anything I have ever owned! I highly recommend the Tabitha dress because I get lots of compliments in all the colors but especially in the PINK!!! And Heyyyy you can’t go wrong with compliments right?!?! Also I think of the pink Tabitha as my Joy Dress!!! I was wearing this dress the day my brother died, holding his hand in the hospital room, and in the middle of pain and sorrow, i had my bright pink dress that made people smile. The dress is a reminder to me that there is joy in the midst of sorrow and our hope is in Jesus and heaven. I highly recommend every woman buy this dress because the world needs more joy and if we can bring a smile and joy to someone’s face by simply wearing something bright and beautiful then WE SHOULD!!!
Get your own JOY DRESS HERE!!!
Soooooo what do you guys think??? Would you have first placed it??? Clearly I didn’t edit the punctuation before submitting it lol Thank you ZADIE B’s for choosing me!!! 
                   Get your own JOY DRESS HERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
PS for sizing reference I’m wearing a 2x