Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Another reason WHY…

I do NOT want to marry someone 
# FutureSpouseTruth
i read the above meme and just busted up laughing 😂!!! i mean i looooooove being ME!!! I looooooove being around ME!!! There’s no other person i’d rather be than MYSELF, buuuuuuut let’s be real, there’s only room for one ME around me!!!! lol 😝 

People like me actually kinda get on my nerves and it’s funny because i’m super easygoing but my sister can pick up on it and she’ll be like they’re getting on your nerves aren’t they??? and i’m liiiiiiiike YEEEEESSSS!!! 
plus it’s usually like all the same strengths and weaknesses and nothing to balance each other out!!! Like people will tell me you should go for that guy because he’s so fun, he’s just like a big kid, LIKE YOU!!! and i’m like, buuuuuuuut if he’s just like a big kid and i’m just like a big kid…WHO’S GONNA BE THE ADULT??? 
Because i’m NOT about to grow up just because 40…
and i sho ain’t gonna grow up just because IM MARRIED!!!! BAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
One of my closest friends married one of the funnest and funniest guys everrrrrr!!!!! liiiiike i don’t say this very often buuuuuuuut i actually think he’s funnier than me!!! (At one point i did have a crush on him buuuuuut i’ve actually had a crush on ALMOST all my friends spouses BEFORE they were married and they’re fine with it!!! one friend even wouldn’t go for the man she married UNLESS i had, had a crush on him cuz she said if i hadn’t that meant he was NOT A GOOD GUY!!! 😂) the day before they got married, my friend was STRESSING and trying to get everything ready for the wedding 💒, her and i were actually packing her fiancés suitcase for the honeymoon… no JOKE… that’s how chill he was, weeeeeeeelllll i was SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING buuuuuuut i was actually sitting there, goofing off with her fiancé while she freaked out and packed! and in the middle of us goofing off together he was like, SEE MARY, this is why her and i are soooooo perfect for each other, she’s just like, go, go, GO, ALL DAY EVERYDAY and i’m just like ALL PLAY!!! and she helps me to actually get stuff done and i help her to ACTUALLY HAVE FUN!!! and i was liiiiiiike AWWWWW!!!! that’s sooooooo true!!!! and then we went back to goofing off together while his fiancé and my bestie FREAKED OUT AND WORKED!!!! 😂🤣
buuuuuuuut it’s sooooo true, i get a long great with her husband, we are great friends and have a blast when we get together, buuuuuuut us together would’ve been a cRaZy MESS of fun, chaos and not a lot of anything getting done!!!! ✔️ and i’ve always remembered that day before their wedding 💒 packing for their honeymoon!!!! To look for balance!!! 
or like they’ll be you’d be perfect together cuz you he likes to SHOP TOO!!!! annnnnd i’m liiiiiiiike NOOOOOOOOO!!! Two shoppers???? we are going to be sooooooooooo BROKE!!!! We’re going to be living in a cardboard box 📦!!!! and he’ll. be like, Babe, i’m going to get us a bigger box to live in and i’d be liiiiike, and make sure you buy some glitter to decorate our new home!!!! 🤣😂🤣😅
Also, random thought buuuuuuuuut…when they tell me he’s really into clothes too just like you!!!! and i do NOT KNOW WHY, buuuuuuuut it irritates me so much when guys are super stylish!!! now don’t get me wrong, i liiiike NICE AND SHARPLY DRESSED on guys buuuuuuuut just simple and idk why!!!! absolutely no accessories! not hankies or bow ties(except Odin) no hats, vests etc… just a nice suit and tie for church and regular long sleeved casual t-shirts or button down for the rest of the time and nothing super flamboyant… liiiiiike i’m the one that’s meant to SHINE…and you would think with me being soooooo girly-girly and the Queen of hair accessories and looking all dazzled up and bright and colorful that i’d want the same for my man but it just kinda is not attractive to me… maybe in some way because i’m that way i see it as feminine… no offense to the stylish guys out there bbbbbbbut yeah i just like guys to look sharp and that’s all!!! and light blue is THE NICEST COLOR EVERRRRRR ON A MAN… like any ethnicity looks HOT in a light blue dress shirt… EVEN WHITE GUYS!!! ;)
weeeeeeeeeellllll i said all that to SAY…
♥Mary Frances :)