Thursday, April 11, 2024

My first selfie!!!

YES ITS TIME TO TELL YOU ALL ABOUT MY FIRST SELIE… i literally ACTUALLY remember it!!! Except back in the day they weren’t called SELFIES… it was just taking a picture 🤳 of yourself!!!
The first time i took a selfie IS ACTUALLY the first time i thought i was pretty as well!!!! It was the summer after 5th grade and before 6th grade, now don’t get me wrong, i never thought i was ugly as a child, the truth is that i just never really thought to much about it either way. As a child people would FREAK OUT about my eyes… OH LOOK AT THOSE BIG BLUE EYES… buuuuuuut i couldn’t understand what the big deal was!!! I just never thought much about my looks either way…
Then this summer day i looked in. the bathroom mirror 🪞 at our house 🏡 out in Cave Creek AZ and i thought, HEEEEEEY IM PRETTY!!! I’m ACTUALLY pretty!!!! And i grabbed my mom’s camera 📸 and snapped a picture so i could see if it was real in the picture too!!!
And when my mom got the film 🎥 developed i looked at my selfie 🤳 and i was liiiiiike OMW ITS REAL!!! I really AM PRETTY… it wasn’t just my momentary figment of my imagination… IM ACTUALLY PRETTY!!!! 😱 I was sooooooo surprised!!! 
That summer my best friend at school was moving to a new school and i wasn’t going to see her anymore soooooo i gave her MY FIRST SELFIE 🤳 PICTURE as a goodbye gift… she literally has NO IDEA that picture is probably worth millions now 😜… anyways after she had been gone she called me and said that one of the boys at her new school saw my picture and thought i was as pretty and wanted to meet me, and she invited me to come to her new house 🏡 and meet this boy!!!
My heart just exhilarated… A BOY ACTUALLY THOUGHT I WAS PRETTY!!! Buuuuuuut of course i did the right thing… oh that’s cool but i don’t like boys that aren’t Pentecostal! I told her! She was like, well that’s really narrow minded to feel that way! I was liiiiiike well it’s my belief! 🤷‍♀️ 
And that’s pretty much been the story of my life Church ⛪️ guys don’t look at me but i still telll them worldly men… NO!!!! 

After all, i don’t need a lot of guy attention BECAUSE…i’m ONLY MARRYING ONE MAN and that’s the only attention i really want!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
PS tomorrow you get to hear about WHO I FIRST HEARD THE WORD SELFIE FROM!!! HINT: It was a MINISTER!!!!