Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Break Up Scripture!!!

Soooo I've come to the conclusion that I am pretty much the ONLY person I know that can be sitting there, intently reading the Bible and just BUST UP LAUGHIN!!! Now, don't think that I am making light of God's word, but I sometimes I just can't help but find HUMOR in it!!!  Yes, I admit, amongst my notes written on the page edges of my Bible are a few, LOL's...I mean, come on, sometimes God just makes you laugh!!! :)))))
So several years ago, we're on our way home from a conference and its pretty silent in the van. There are a few people quietly having conversations and everyone else is just dozing in an out of sleep and I just burst into laughter, and everyone looks at me and someone is like WHAT ARE YOU READIN??? I'm like, Oh the Bible!!!
They're Like okaaaaaaaay Mary!!! I'm like NO, you ALL gotta hear this, it's like totally, the ultimate break-scripture for all FEMALES!!! They're like, WHAAAAAT???? I'm like, YES, Like EVERY girl bursts out with these words when a relationship goes DOWN!!! I'm like, YES, LISTEN...
Psalm 116:11
"I said in my haste, All men are liars."
 HAHA!!! Don't deny it girls, you know WE'VE all said it or at least thought it at one time or another!!! Riiiiiiiiiiiight???? AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)